Thursday, March 4, 2010

We're Done!

This project went really fast!! I'm going to make one more scarf then I'm want to make a blanket for my other brother. I want to use the left over Homespun and one more color. I just need to find a pattern now!

Here is mine. I really like the Homespun yarn. Well, there were a few challenges that came with it but all that was made up for by the nice soft feeling! It is really comfy and little bro doesn't even know that it's for him!

And one last view. 12 yo sister played model for me.

This is 12 yo sisters scarf. Her's was a little stiff. I think that it was because of the type of yarn. We'll know not to use this type anyhow! I think that she did really well working with two strands of yarn at the same time.


Eden said...

Both scarfs are lovely. I'm glad you participated in my knit/crochet along. If you want to find a pattern for Homespun yarn, you can use Lion Brand's pattern finder at It lets you search for patterns by yarn!

faithngracegirl said...

Thank you Eden. I'll take your suggestion!


Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty scarves! So neat! I want to learn how to knit, actually I did dabble in cross-stitch that was a lot of fun! I need to do it again! ;D

faithngracegirl said...

What's dabble Emily? Just wondering...