Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My new blog button!

A dear blogger friend of mine made me two blog buttons! I think they look GRRRREATTT! If you follow my blog, would you mind putting one of these on your sidebar and linking it to my blog?

Monday, April 26, 2010


THIS is what we found on my dad this evening. Now, I'm not too much of a squeamish girl... HOWeveR, things with furry legs and furry bodies are tooooo much. *SHIVERS!!!* Here's how it happened:

My dad was laying on the floor after working outside. As he was getting up Mary goes (with wide eyes), "There is a HUGE spider on you, Daddy!! Daddy, there is a huge spider on you!!!!" Daddy got all the way up and then Mama and I saw it. I squealed and almost screamed. Maybe I did. I'm not sure. Then.... *gulk*.... I collapsed on the couch. Yes, I know *sigh*. Things like that just give me the shivers and screams (evidently ::). Mama started to whack it with a blanket to get it off but the real hero was L4J. She grabbed a towel and threw it over the spider, picked it up and calmly carried it outside. She always did like spiders, bugs, lizards, and snakes better than I did. So there ya have it! If you ever really want to hear me scream just give me a tarantula (and those of you that know me personally had better not take me literally!)... or one of these:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was awarded...

... with a 'Beautiful Blogger award! I love it Bess, thank you! I have to award this to three 'beautiful bloggers'. Here are some very beautiful bloggers that I'm awarding this too:

Mimi at Her Delightful Hands
Woo at More 2 This Life
Eden at Heirs of Promise and (I know this is cheating)
L4J at The day to day Walk.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feelin Feminine day 7

I know it took me a long time to finally get the last day of the challenge up... sorry about that :-/.

On Saturday (April 10th) we went to an airshow. Here's Ann's and my picture of the last day and then some pictures of the airplanes:

Ann wore:
  • Her polka dotted pink shirt.
  • Her heavy denim skirt (she loves that thing :)
  • Brown Sketchers

I wore:

  • A white flowered shirt
  • My button skirt and
  • My tennis shoes

OK! Now for the airshow!

I really enjoyed the parachuters. They are really cool!

This is a jet. I don't know what kind of jet though. My dad loves airplanes and rockets BuT I don't seem to have inherited his love for them ;D!

That big puff of smoke there came from explosives that the crew set up and let off. Don't worry they were far away from us!

And I just had to put this picture up! LOL pretty goofy huh?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My own Tag :)

OK I'm making my own tag. This tag is for those of you who have three kids (that three kids includes you) or more in your family. Ready?! Here goes:

What is your funniest memory of one of your siblings?

Hmmmm..... That would be the time L4J wrapped Stephen up in a sheet, stood him up, then tried to make him spin by grabbing the sheet and giving a good yank. L4J's expectations? Stephen would spin like in the cartoons and it would be awesome! RiGhT? Nope. Stephen did a weird dance (trying to get his balance), whacked his nose, and finished the display by passing out. We figured out (years later) that he actually broke his nose. Not what L4J expected, now was it? We're nuts, I know.

What is something that your little siblings said that made you laugh?

Grace used to have a pretend farm. She had horses that were purple and pink, she had lambs that wore panties, she had cows that she could ride (I've heard of people doing that). Her imagination runs wild sometimes. One time on a walk, Grace informed us that the neighbors horses were hers (HuH!) Mama had to remind her that she was 'just pretending and that those horses really aren't yours'.

Has anyone ever thought that you and the sibling closest to you were twins?

Yep! Stephen and I looked alike when we were little. He had brown hair and brown eyes and I had brown hair and brown eyes. We were also pretty much the same height..... that was all before he grew. Now, he is 6' and I'm 5' 7'' having to look up at him all the time.

What is something that you and your siblings did together that you shouldn't have?

THaT time was at Christmas. There were some candy canes out and L4J, Stephen, and I decided that it would be OK if we just took a few licks. HA! Yea right! That didn't turn out. The tiny licks turned into big juicy ones, the big juicy licks turned into bites and...... we ate more than we should've. We didn't get any candy canes on Christmas Day because of that.

What do you think about changing diapers?

It's just a job that has to be done. Nothing bad or icky about it. Actually, kids can be pretty cute while getting their diaper changed. We have a special song that we sing to our kids and they sing it with us! Really cute!!

Being in a big family means lots of cleaning. Here's some questions about that:

What is your favorite cleaning solution?

Windex and Soft Scrub!

Do you have a dishwasher in your house?

No :(. We do all of our dishwashing by hand. Dishwasher's don't work for us because of the hard water around our place. And let me tell you, a dishwasher with mineral deposits on it is n.o. fun.

When cleaning the toilet, do you use a toilet brush or just use a washcloth and your hand?

I use my hand and a washcloth. I used to not like to do that but now I don't mind.

When did you start doing chores?

I was probably 8 when I started washing dishes and I'm still doing that chore!

When is your cleaning day?

Right now it's Friday and maybe some on Saturday. We don't do school on Fridays because our Saturdays were getting really stressful and busy.

Do you keep your room clean (Ah Ha! The truth comes out! *snickers*)?

Sometimes (can that even be an answer?). Some weeks I really drop the ball and other weeks I'm spick and span.

Every family has a different idea of 'clean'. What is your family's idea of 'clean'?

Well, clean is when the room isn't cluttered or dusty and the floor isn't spotted up. But also, to be clean means that your things are fairly organized and when you put your things away right then.

And that's it! Hope you like it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Tag!!

Here's a tag I got from Eden at Heirs of Promise:

What song are you currently listening too a lot?

Hmmm..... well Mama has an account on Grooveshark and she has a list of songs that we play over and over again. My current favorite is 'He Reigns' by Newsboys.

What books(s) are you currently reading?

I'm reading 1st Corinthians in the Bible, then I'm reading a book on polio in America, and I think I might start reading a book called 'The Brain' (:o it sounds kinda creepy *shudders*). I don't read a lot, actually. I'm just trying to get myself to begin to read some nonfiction.

Do you sing a lot?

Nope. I sing at church and sometimes at home.

Sweet or salty?

Both!! Those two tastes mixed together make.... yuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!

What is your favorite hobby?

Making dolls!!! I love to make dolls because it is sooooo much fun! And I can be creative with dolls too. I love dolls (if you haven't noticed ;)!!!!!

What book have you read at least three times?

That would be the book of Matthew. I even have the Sermon on the Mount memorized (if I can remember it ::).

What sites do you always visit when you go online?

Well, usually I visit Blogger, but as of late, I've been getting on facebook. I don't have an account on fb but Mama is, and I play a game on there through her account.

What was the last thing you bought?

Right now I don't have any money soooo.... I haven't bought anything (makes sense, huh :D LOL). HoWeveR, Daddy and us went shopping.... do you want me type the list out? That would be a lot of typing (my fingers are starting to throb)!!

What fictional characters do you think you most like?

Hmmmm *taps chin*, I like Robin Hood right now. We just watched the movie and Robin Hood was pretty neat, seeing as how he's so good at everything he does ::).

Favorite earliest memory?

I have a lot. Well, I don't remember everything (hardly any) of the story I'm about to tell but it is really funny so here goes!

When we lived in the city we had a neighbor that had dogs. Well, we liked to play with the dogs by poking sticks through holes in the fence. The dogs would bark and make a ruckus, and I guess the owner didn't like that. She told us to stop, but the next morning we found yellow and orange signs telling us not to play with the dogs. We (L4J, Stephen, and I) got kinda mad :( and tore the signs up in little bits and threw them back into her yard! I know that wasn't very kind, but it is kinda funny too!

Another time, when the (same) neighbors husband was mowing the lawn, Stephen climbed onto the fence and..... (brace yourselves)...... dropped grass onto the neighbors head! Stephen was so sneaky that the neighbor didn't even know until he looked into the mirror or somebody told him (I'm guessing there).

We were naughty weren't we? *tutututut* lol!

What do you do to change your mood?

I go into our garden and talk with God. He straightens me out :)!

What was the last meal you ate?

Supper. We had beans, cheese, chips, and avocado. I made the bean stew, and can you believe that that is the first stew I've ever made on my own *gawk*? Yepper!

Do you want to learn another language?

Yes! Sign language is sooooo much fun. I'm also going to learn Spanish.

Five things you cannot live without:
  • The saving grace of Jesus (can you imagine what it would be like not knowing where you're going when you die? *shudders*
  • The knowledge that God knows where I'm going in life
  • God's help in life every day
  • My family members
  • A place to shower! (LOL. OK maybe I could live without that but I don't want too ;D)

What is something you'd like to say to someone right now?

Jesus loves you!

Find the closest book currently sitting near you, and flip to page 54 (what's up with the number 54 *shrugs*). What is the first sentence of the second paragraph?

Well, there really isn't any book on the desk but I grabbed one from the bookshelf behind me. I got 'By the Shores of Silver Lake' by Laura Ingalls Wilder. There weren't two paragraphs on p. 54 so I'm doing p. 44, and here's the sentence: She flopped down right away, on a blanket spread on the ground. (That was super random :D)

What are you looking forward to?

An answer from Toy Joy (a toy store here) to see if they will buy my dolls.

That was pretty fun! Thank you Eden! Here are the people I'm going to tag: Woo at More to This Life and Bess at Bess Bag and anyone who wants to or feels like doing this tag! Have fun!! I am going to get Feelin Feminine day 6 on here. I had some complications ;D, seeing as how we have more than one computer in this house.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A giveaway!

Eden at Heirs of Promise is hosting a giveaway at her blog. Eden made the giveaway herself! It's really pretty! If you are interested be sure to check it out!

Feelin Feminine 6

OK here's day 6! I actually will have 3 outfits today: one for cleaning, one after cleaning, and one for when I go play soccer with our church group. I like to play soccer in pants because, for one thing, it's a lot easier to run in pants (at least for a long period of time ;), and I fall down in soccer quite a bit (don't get any bright ideas about seeing me tumble down the field LOL :D). And if you have any ways of keeping a skirt down when you fall, please let me know!! So here's what I wear on Fridays for cleaning:
  • A denim homemade skirt (made by me :)
  • And a striped shirt that I got at Walmart a couple years back
Don't visit me on Fridays because this is what I'll look like!! (JK ::)

And just to show you how messy of a cleaner I really am: bleach spots on my skirt. That Soft Scrub works really well though ;D ::)

This is what I changed into after cleaning:
  • A magenta pink shirt from Walmart
  • The sweater came from (can you guess?!!) Family Thrift
  • And my gray skirt was bought from Hannah Lise

And I did my hair up on one side with a clip.

Ann doesn't have to change on cleaning day. Unlike me, she keeps her clothes really nice (except when bleach comes around!). Poor girl! She gets all my spotted hand-me- downs! Here is what she wore today:
  • A striped shirt that was a hand-me-down from me (I got it at Academy)
  • And her navy Hannah Lise skirt

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feelin Feminine 4 & 5

OK so I obviously got a little behind! Sorry about that y'all. Here's day 4:
  • I wore the same denim skirt as day 3
  • BuT I did change my shirt. I decided that that a green shirt (that came from Family Thrift... can you tell that we like that store?) would be nice.
No particular hair style for day 3, though. First, I put a bobby pin in it to keep it out of the way, then, I put my hair up in a clip, then I took it down.... I was being pretty wishy washy in other words :D. Here's today:
  • Black skirt from Hannah Lise
  • Striped shirt (I know it kinda looks white in the pic) from Goodwill.

A ponytail was the hairdo for me today! Kelsey, I love ponytails! You have a ponytail partner, girl!
On day 3 Ann wore:
  • A polka dotted shirt (I think that one came from Family Thrift too;)
  • And the khaki Hannah Lise skirt

On day 4 Ann wore:
  • The same polka dotted shirt
  • The heavy denim skirt she wore on day 1 and 2
OK so I'm all caught up! Bye :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exitement..... for a few minutes!

On Sunday evening the kids were playing outside, when Alva came running in saying, "There are huge birds in the neighbor's yard!!" After his description, all of us decided that they were peacocks! We ran outside to try to catch them. Now, at this point you may be thinking, "ummmm I don't think that's such a great idea" and you're right! But, it only happens once in a lifetime. Everybody (including the biggest kids) ran outside and dashed under the fence to our neighbors yard (We've dashed under they're fence multiple times while hot on the trail of a bunny that wanted to taste some freedom. The neighbors don't mind, in other words). Stephen ran to get a rope to lasso the birds (er.... well.... more like slip the rope over the bird's neck!) and L4J shouted out orders: "Moe! Get under the fence." "Alva! Don't scare 'em!" "Abigail, chase them this way!!!!!!" Yes, it was exiting. It was thrilling. BuT, my wise father decided that catching wild peacocks wasn't such a good idea. After all, they have some fearful claws on those weird looking feet. L4J came ReAllY close to grabbing one. However, she was a little hesitant to make that grab seeing that she didn't know what that bird was going to do when clutched in awkward places. Anyway, that was really fun and exciting. Sadly, we didn't get pictures. None of us knew where the camera was at that time.... and anyway, even if we did know where it was everyone was running after peacocks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feelin Feminine 3

OK here's day 3.
  • Denim button down skirt was bought from Goodwill
  • Pink shirt came from Target and
  • The white lacy vest came from Family Thrift
Today I wore my hair half up half down.

I had to wear my Sketchers a little because I had to go to the eye doctor. So here they are:

This necklace was made by my cousin. I've had it for ever so long!
Ann wore:
  • A navy skirt from Hannah Lise
  • A navy shirt from Target
  • No shoes for her today!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Feelin Feminine 2

Here's what I wore today:

  • A red shirt from Goodwill and
  • A navy denim skirt from Goodwill

All of this outfit was from Goodwill!! ThAT was really nice! (Devin decided that he wanted to be in the picture too haha!)

And my hair do was a good 'ol braid. Not very fancy but nice and comfy! Oh, I guess I did cheat a little because I re-braided my hair before I took the picture. Is that cheating? :)

My sister Ann decided that she wanted to join me (and everybody else) with this challenge. This is the same outfit that she wore on Sunday so she's all caught up.

Here's where she got her outfit:

  • Shirt was from Target! She L-O-V-E-S this one!
  • Heavy blue denim skirt is from Family Thrift (we really appreciate that store ;D)
  • Ann doesn't have to put her hair up in anything (*sigh* Actually I like my hair, thank you very much ::)! She just got a new hair cut and really likes it.

    And we like the good 'shoes' that God gave us!! We love to go barefoot!! (yes Daddy does buy us shoes LOL)

    That's it for today, folks. I gotta go finish planting Daddy's pumpkins on Farmville (facebook).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feelin Feminine

I joined the Feelin Feminine Challenge at Feminine Farmgirl. You are supposed to wear a skirt everyday for a week straight soooo here goes!

What I wore for church:
  • A Hannah Lise skirt and vest (My sisters call it my 'cowboy vest' LOL)
  • A black shirt from Target (For once they had some good stuff there ::)
  • Black shoes with bows on them from PayLess (We call them 'clack-y' shoes)
  • And I did my hair half up half down!

Happy Resurrection Sunday to y'all!