Monday, March 15, 2010

A tag! Yay!!

Here is a tag I got from Eldarwen's blog:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Can I say heaven?! Well, I guess that's not on the earth now is it :D!! I'd want to be in the wild west with a good pinto horse!

2. Why did you start blogging?
My sister had one and she kept saying that is was lots of fun and that I should try it. Well, the idea began to grow on me and I created my first blog: Sewing Sensations. BuT, Sewing Sensations didn't work out very well because I don't do enough projects. So I trashed that blog and came up with Helping at Home. I like it a lot better!!

3. What is your ambition?
To follow God with all of my heart and to walk with Him every day.

4. How many siblings do you have?
I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers. L4J, Steven, Ann, Mary, Alva, Abigail, Joy, Grace, and Robert.

5. What's your favorite subject in school?
That would be Math and Literature because I don't have to study in those subjects :). I really DON'T like to study!

6. What is your favorite Bible verse?
Psalms 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us.
I also love the song that Casting Crowns did on that one! Great song!

7. What is one of your hobbies?
Sewing! That is pretty much the only thing that I can do capably and I love to do it! OK I also like to sign. That is really fun too!

8. If someone handed you a five dollar bill, what would you do with it?
a. slip it in your wallet and think, "Ooh, this will buy me a yummy meal at Sonic!"
b. shove it in your pocket and forget about it, then while you're doing laundry you find it and say, "Hey, mom! Here's that five dollar bill I got the other day!"
c. give it to your younger sibling. It's just five dollars.
d. use it to buy that homeless man a meal.

I'm picking 'a'.

9. If your sibling came to you with their math book and asked for help, you'd say:
a. "Oh, here, let me help you."
b. "Too bad. I'm not good at math. Go ask mom."
c. "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at math. Can you go ask someone else?"
d. "I'm not good at math, but I'll try!"

Again 'a'. (A is my letter today. Let's just hope that I'll get an A on that upcoming Physical Science test!)

10. If you could have one of the following abilities, which would it be?
a. singing
b. sewing
c. skateboarding
d. song writing
e. guitar playing
f. swimming
g. writing
h. riding a bike

'f'! When I get in deep water I begin to panic! AHHHHHH!! That's why I want to learn.
Dinner time so I gotta go!

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