Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas y'all!! It's waaay past Christmas but I thought I might post some pictures of my Christmas. Above is a little decoration that my sister Ann made. She wood burned the words onto the back of a piece of bamboo flooring :). Not fancy but it looks cool in some greenery with berries.
We had a Christmas morning brunch this year. Don't worry! We had the traditional Christmas feast for dinner ;).

Our Christmas tree before decoration ... and our Christmas tree after decoration


This is not a gingerbread house, y'all... this is a redneck gingerbread house. A lot of little people worked on it so it got a little mussed. I cannot say that if I had done it all by myself it would've looked better. I'm just not an icing person! Lol... don't ask what happens when I get a hold of icing. Just don't ask. Have a good day y'all :).