Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok so maybe I do have a little time!

Hi. I managed to get some time for blogger in a rather unpleasant way..... I'm sick (yuck). But, don't worry! It's just a sinus thing that I've had for probably a year. I don't like it either because whenever the weather changes I get this. My vision blocks out, I get a terrible headache, and worst of all, I throw up. OK I gotta stop thinking about it because whenever I do I feel like gagging. I wonder why that is? I guess it's kinda like if you don't like a food and whenever you think about it you feel kinda queasy.

I think I'll just tell ya'll a little about myself (just to kill time ya know ;).

L4J is my eldest sister and the oldest in our family. She is a dog groomer at a pet store and does (at the most) 6 dogs a day. Yay! go L4J! After her comes my 16 yo brother. I would put a link to his blog BuT he has his last name up there and then ya'll would know my last name too ;). The reason for him letting hiss first name out is that he records music and hopes to publish a CD some day and his music has played on the radio. Not sure which station though (what's up with that? I'm his sister and I don't even know! LOL.) Then, comes me. I was born on my grandmother's birthday and am, as of now, 15. I am working on 9th grade and that's my main focus right now. I'm trying to sell dolls but etsy didn't really work that great for me. I can't say that I tried that hard though :(. I'm replacing my sibs names BTW. After me, is Ann. She is 12 and my best buddy! Mary is 10 and she and I are a lot alike. Mary always has a nice smile for everybody! Alva is 9. He has a knack for school and drawing (well, more of a knack than any in my family! Don't even try to get me to draw. I'll give you stick figures LOL). Abigail is 7 and is our athletic lady. She zooms and dodges around like nothing I've ever seen. Joy is 5 and learning to read. She is quite a character, lit me tell you! Grace is 3 and VERY (let me say that again!) VERY energetic. She is currently learning that obedience is the best thing for little ladies. Last but defiantly not least is Robert. He is our last sibling and very cute! He is going to be our last sibling so..... we have to remember not to spoil him! I can't say much about him..... well, just that he's a baby!

And I can't forget who is raising us: Mama and Daddy!! When Mom was a little girl she said that she wanted 10 kids. Well, that was a prophecy because it came true! When Mom and Dad got married They weren't expecting 10 kids but GOD knew!

When we got our big V 10 (Sorry, I just had to add that! Daddy loves the big 'vroom vroom' of our van LOL) 12 passenger van, Daddy said, "OK honey! Fill her up!" and mom did.

I have to be honest. I sometimes feel really weird when we go shopping or whatever. Mama likes us to go in single file when we go shopping so there is this long line of kids. Often times, pple stop and point and count under their breath. Or this kid in cart shouts,"Mom they have 10 kids!!!". Or when Dad tells pple he has 10 kids he automatically says, "By the same woman and no I'm not Mormon (I think he should add that we're not Quiver Full either. I'm not against quiver full pple! Please don't get that impression!.)"I don't really mind that much, but it is a little weird! And also, many pple think Mom and Dad are crazy for having so many kids.To be rejected is something that isn't on my 'like list',KWIM? But there are very encouraging pple too! May God bless those who build up others!

Anyway, there's my family! Let me tell you, it gets hard when lots of pple are in the same
house all day. Things get a little intense if you know what I mean ;). But it's good for me too have sibs. I'm getting LOTs of practice at relationship stuff!

I'd like to ask two questions:
  • Have any of you tried to sell stuff? If so, what worked for you? Give me some ideas on picture taking pleeeaaaseeee!
  • How did some of you get a button for your blog? Ot is that something that I have to get special stuff on?
I think that's all I have for right now. TTFN!!!!


-Bess- said...

You've got an award on my blog (hope you already don't have it)! =)

childofGod said...

Sorry FngG my little 3yo. brother is the cutest!!!!!! (but he is also very energetic)


faithngracegirl said...

Bess- Thank you! I have already gotten that one but I don't mind!

coG- Hahaha! I understand LOL! Your brother is REALLY cute too!

Woo said...

Sorry FnGg and coG, My 2 Yr old Bro is the Absolute Cutest.......:P so there.....;) WOO

childofGod said...

Well I am going to change my mind a bit FnGg, after I got to know your litle bro. a bit more last saturday,He and my 3yo. bro. are about tied in how cute they are.


faithngracegirl said...

LOL!!! Yep I told you!!