Friday, March 5, 2010


One day I asked Mama how to spell conscience. She began spelling but I didn't get all of it, so Mom said, "It's 'con' and 'science' put together." Well, I didn't give it much thought at the time but upon later reflection I realized something. When you say that someone is a con it means that they are false. They aren't what they say that they are. When someone is scientific they are logical and smart. So put the two together and you get....... something that goes against logic. Isn't that why God gave everyone a conscience? To help theus go against what seems logical! Sin looks really fun and great and the world says, "Come on! Have fun!". And if it weren't for that God given con-science I would follow that beckon. Praise God who is kind enough to give us the knowledge from right and wrong!


Carrie said...

At Calvary was written by William Newell. Thanks for the comment!


Grace said...

Hi FaithnGraceGirl! Thanks so much for visiting my blog (and for becoming a follower). I really like your blog's background.I want to become an old fashion housekeeper too!
In Christ,