Monday, February 22, 2010

A tour of our house

It's about time that I post what our house looks like. My grandfather and his brother (my great uncle) made it. And while it isn't the ritziest house in town we LOve it. The only thing that would make us leave this house is if God told us too. This house isn't perfect but that's why we love it! The my brother, uncle, and grandpa have had lots of fun and good fellowship time building this house.

This is the storage that my great uncle built. Again, rustic style!

This is the place that my brother and my dad cleared of juniper trees. They cleared this spot so that we could build a chicken coop. I hope we get that done someday! Oh that fence there is a compost pile. The dogs like to eat out of that. Yuck!

Here is the back of our house. The big blue barrel is another composer that my brother made (he loves to make something out of nothing)

These are the solar panels that Daddy put up on the roof. We have lots of big batteries to.... ummm.... I'm not sure!

Here are my brothers gardens. He made them the fence and everything on his own. Like I said he makes something out of what looks like just regular old garbage!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A prayer request

Hope at Hopes cancer diary has gone to be with the Lord after battling cancer. What a sobering thought to hear about someone leaving this earth to their eternal destiny. What a good reminder to always be concerned about the souls of others. Hope was a steadfast Christian and fought the good fight until the end. Please pray for this family as they mourn the loss of Hope.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Awawrd! :)

I got two Beyond Imagination awards! YAY! That means that my blog is doubly beyond imagination! Thank you Her Delightful Hands! I guess I better do the requirements. Shame on me for not doing them the first time!
8 books I'd like to live in:
1. Little House on the Prairie
2. Little Women
3. Eight Cousins
4. Bible
5. The Bronze Bow
6. On the Banks of Plum Creek (my favorite of the Laura Ingalls books)
7. Stormy Misty's Foal
8. King of the Wind

There I did it! Well, you're supposed to award eight other pple but I don't have eight to award so I'll leave that to those who can.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Award!

Thank you so much L4J! I award Zara!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little little kid humor and my day

Today I got my bottom braces on. Let me tell you they HuRT! Anyway, I got my appointment wrong by 30 minutes (Uh oh :( ) so the orthodontist's staff graciously scheduled us an hour later. We had a little shopping to do so we went over to the HEB a little down the road. I don't know about you're little brothers and sisters but mine love balloons. And when they saw the free ones in HEB they wanted one. Being really windy I tied the strings around their wrists so that they wouldn't fly away. Little 3 yo sister took hers off....and.... it floated away :(. As she stood there looking up she said, "Well, ______ (16 yo brother) could get it for me (he's 6' and her best buddy)!! Then, when that idea was eliminated she says, "Grandpa could come with his ladder." My grandpa likes his ladder BTW. LOL she was soooo pitifully cute! Then, we went back to the orthodontist and got my braces on. After we got home I did some schoolwork and Edith and I went for a walk with all four of our dogs. THeN, something funny happened! Dusty is very afraid of other dogs that he doesn't know about. So this dog comes running out after him and Dusty got so scared that he ran high speed all the way home! LOL he's a chicken doggie!

Monday, February 8, 2010

First award!

Thank you so much L4J! I give this award to every young lady that is unmarried and that follows my blog.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Really neat!

Here is a picture of a hot air balloon that passed over our house. We were pretty excited about it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Yesterday marked that day that my mom and dad were married. Today they are celebrating that's why I'm posting about it today. They have been together for 21 years and in those years have raised 10 children in the fear of the LORD. Mama walked with the Lord for 30+ years. Daddy has walked with the Lord for 20+. I'm so thankful that God saw fit to put me with my parents. They are a tremendous blessing to me and my siblings. I pray that I may be able to give them back the same blessing that they have given to me.

One of the best things that Mom and Dad have given to me is the love and fear of God. I will NEvEr be able to thank them enough for helping to instill in me a sharp conscience. Mom and Dad have also helped me to learn how to come against the powers that cannot be seen. They have provided me with security in Jesus Christ. They have taught me how to fight the GOOD fight.


To celebrate Mom and Dad have gone out and us kids are celebrating by (a) Having Costco pizza (go figure LOL) (b) and the little kids are going to have a 'sleep up' with the big kids upstairs.

Blessings to your day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's up for me

Right now I'm just working on being able to get all of my school done in one day. I guess it's just me not getting to it! Tomorrow I want to start on my dolls. I can't wait! I really need to try other things to make my stuff sell KIM?

We just got a new dog. Yes, we LoVe our dogs! Now we have four. Hey, but I think that we did pretty well though seeing as we only paid for one of our dogs! Well, all but one of our dogs had (or have to be) neutered on spayed. So we have to pay for that. Here is a pic of our newest dog: