Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Success and A Failure

My first pie ever was a chocolate cream pie that I made for Thanksgiving this year. THAT was a failure!! the crust was super tough. My bro. made funny faces while trying to make his teeth sink into the flat rock that was the crust. Yepper, it was bad. The filling had lumps but tasted really good. So at one point we scooped the filling out and used it as a pudding! LOL it was funny. One thing that I've learned that helps when you are in a large family is laugh at your own mistakes and move on. So that is what I did. Then, I made the lemon meringue pie. That was pretty near a perfect pie. I love it when something turns out really good the second time around!!


Growing up with Christ said...

I'm glad your lemon Meringue pie turned out well :)

~Miss Zara~ said...

would you like to be penpals

faithngracegirl said...

Thank you Growing up with Christ. I was SO happy.

YES YES YES I would LOVE to be penpals with you Miss Zara!! Thank you!