Monday, January 18, 2010

Shop till you drop, right?

NO!! Clean till you drop!! PLEASE don't talk about getting more stuff right now! We are getting new furniture. Some of our stuff is 20 years old (as long as Mama and Daddy have been married) so it's time to get more furniture. Naturally, before moving more stuff in you have to get rid of stuff. SO here is what my day has been from about 9:00 to 4:50:

Run up the stairs. Run back down. Grab the vacuum. Wipe the cabinets. Run back downstairs with the vacuum. Stare at the growing pile of junk on the kitchen floor and wonder how your dad ever afforded that much stuff. Run downstairs to put away canning jars. Run back up. Wipe out the side cabinets. Wonder when we are ever going to use that candle wax (you want any? JK). etc. etc. etc.

Yes it did calm down! Do you know about this? I know it VEry well but I absolutely LOve a de-cluttered look and absolutely Do NOt like the cluttered look!


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds kinda harried! Ha. I bet you sleep good tonight! LOL!

faithngracegirl said...

You got that right Emily!! Hey Emily, you do have someone to sign with. Shannon!! Did you know that?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!! I forgot Shann signs too! Gosh, it had been so long! If only we saw eachother more. Sigh.
I have enjoyed PMing you!