Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm going to combine Sewing Sensations with Helping at Home. I like Helping at Home a lot better so that's where everything is going to go. Both are kinda on the same subject anyhow! Oh, and I'm going to make the comments available to anonymous pple. I'm also going to start a sign language blog. I'm going to start designing after I get off here. TTYL!


~Miss Zara~ said...

Would you like to be penpals
Let me know

~Miss Zara~ said...

That okay Faith
I have special needs and I suffer from a rare syndrome,if you know anyone else who would like to email me please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the idea of combining them. That would probably make things easier on you!!!!! Haha. Hey, what are your pie recipes? I don't make pies often, but I would love to try! Cool, a sign language blog! Neat!
-Emily ;D