Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another sewing project and random stuffs that is not on topic (*cheesy grin*)

We just visited Wal-Mart and I was able to get some fabric for some more dolls to sell on etsy. I'm going to make a bot and a girl and they are going to be twins. Their clothes, hair, and eyes are going to match! I can't wait to get started! I'm going to wait until we de-clutter our sewing space though. I can't stand to work in clutter!! We are having to get rid of some of our fish tanks and stuff. My sister gave all but 3 of our finches away. The 3rd bird doesn't have a tail. 12 yo sister was catching her and accidentally pulled the tail feathers off. 19 yo sister didn't feel right giving them a bird without a tail! Originally the cage had 7 or 8! I'm not that big on animals. And at first I was glad they were going (*shame on me*). Then, it was almost time to give 'em away...and.....I started saying, "The poor birdies!" LOL! Speaking of lots of animals Living4Jesus has 10 male bettas and (hold on while I count females) nine females (I guess that all the males had to have a mate.....except for one bachelor!!). She's working on consolidating the males. All the females are in a pretty tank on the computer desk. My 12 yo sister is our guppy girl. She has probably 12 or 15 guppies. Oh and TONS of babies that all look alike! We also have a 65 gallon fish tank in our dining room. And 16 yo brother has a 20 gallon tank in his room too. We are very fishy pple! Then, besides small animals we have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 parakeets, and a 12 inch plecostamus that looks like a pre-historic monster. Of all this, one is mine. I have the cat. This cat's name is Tommy (I know, I'm so great at names *rolls eyes*) and I got him for free. Our dog and him used to sleep together. It was so cute!! But sadly, my cat isn't really all cat any more *sigh*. He took our dog's example and now he is half cat half dog! For example, Tommy licks all the time, he yowls REALLY loud, and he lets kids play with him (which cat do you know that lets little children play with him?) Once my 8 yo brother who was probably 5 at the time put a bungy cord around his neck. After that, he started to drag him across our porch! When Mama stopped him and asked what he was doing he answered, "I'm walking the cat, Mommy". Tommy just laid there acting like 'this was normal and if every cat wasn't dragged around by a 5 yo then they weren't normal'! Yep, I like my cat.

We might get a poodle. A lady at L4J work needs to get one off of her hands so she said that if we paid for the rabies shot and fixing of this poodle then we could have him. He is black, is named Devin (I don't like the name.:( Oh well!) and is 3 or 4 years old. We just aren't sure we want him!!Anyway my fingers are REally tired. TTYL!

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