Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our New Furniture

Here is our new couches. I call 'em elephant couches cause they're so big! They are half recliner half couch. We really like them!
This is our tables. We had to buy two because there just isn't a table that sits 12 people! Well, we did find one but it was LOTS of money.
God really blessed us. Before we had plastic tables and chairs but they worked! God is so good all the time even if you're couches are 20 years old and you have plastic tables and chairs. God always provides even if we don't think that He isn't. We have to be thankful wether we want to or not. LOL you know what Mama's been telling me!!

1 comment:

Metanoia said...

looks really nice. Your Momma must be so happy. Tell her I said hi.She waited a very long time for thoes tables, they are beautiful.