Saturday, April 17, 2010

My own Tag :)

OK I'm making my own tag. This tag is for those of you who have three kids (that three kids includes you) or more in your family. Ready?! Here goes:

What is your funniest memory of one of your siblings?

Hmmmm..... That would be the time L4J wrapped Stephen up in a sheet, stood him up, then tried to make him spin by grabbing the sheet and giving a good yank. L4J's expectations? Stephen would spin like in the cartoons and it would be awesome! RiGhT? Nope. Stephen did a weird dance (trying to get his balance), whacked his nose, and finished the display by passing out. We figured out (years later) that he actually broke his nose. Not what L4J expected, now was it? We're nuts, I know.

What is something that your little siblings said that made you laugh?

Grace used to have a pretend farm. She had horses that were purple and pink, she had lambs that wore panties, she had cows that she could ride (I've heard of people doing that). Her imagination runs wild sometimes. One time on a walk, Grace informed us that the neighbors horses were hers (HuH!) Mama had to remind her that she was 'just pretending and that those horses really aren't yours'.

Has anyone ever thought that you and the sibling closest to you were twins?

Yep! Stephen and I looked alike when we were little. He had brown hair and brown eyes and I had brown hair and brown eyes. We were also pretty much the same height..... that was all before he grew. Now, he is 6' and I'm 5' 7'' having to look up at him all the time.

What is something that you and your siblings did together that you shouldn't have?

THaT time was at Christmas. There were some candy canes out and L4J, Stephen, and I decided that it would be OK if we just took a few licks. HA! Yea right! That didn't turn out. The tiny licks turned into big juicy ones, the big juicy licks turned into bites and...... we ate more than we should've. We didn't get any candy canes on Christmas Day because of that.

What do you think about changing diapers?

It's just a job that has to be done. Nothing bad or icky about it. Actually, kids can be pretty cute while getting their diaper changed. We have a special song that we sing to our kids and they sing it with us! Really cute!!

Being in a big family means lots of cleaning. Here's some questions about that:

What is your favorite cleaning solution?

Windex and Soft Scrub!

Do you have a dishwasher in your house?

No :(. We do all of our dishwashing by hand. Dishwasher's don't work for us because of the hard water around our place. And let me tell you, a dishwasher with mineral deposits on it is n.o. fun.

When cleaning the toilet, do you use a toilet brush or just use a washcloth and your hand?

I use my hand and a washcloth. I used to not like to do that but now I don't mind.

When did you start doing chores?

I was probably 8 when I started washing dishes and I'm still doing that chore!

When is your cleaning day?

Right now it's Friday and maybe some on Saturday. We don't do school on Fridays because our Saturdays were getting really stressful and busy.

Do you keep your room clean (Ah Ha! The truth comes out! *snickers*)?

Sometimes (can that even be an answer?). Some weeks I really drop the ball and other weeks I'm spick and span.

Every family has a different idea of 'clean'. What is your family's idea of 'clean'?

Well, clean is when the room isn't cluttered or dusty and the floor isn't spotted up. But also, to be clean means that your things are fairly organized and when you put your things away right then.

And that's it! Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful tag Moe!!! Yes Grace was hilarious about her farm with such exotic animals!!LOL


Metanoia said...

I followed your tag... tag your it!!!

God bless, Mimi