Monday, April 5, 2010

Feelin Feminine 2

Here's what I wore today:

  • A red shirt from Goodwill and
  • A navy denim skirt from Goodwill

All of this outfit was from Goodwill!! ThAT was really nice! (Devin decided that he wanted to be in the picture too haha!)

And my hair do was a good 'ol braid. Not very fancy but nice and comfy! Oh, I guess I did cheat a little because I re-braided my hair before I took the picture. Is that cheating? :)

My sister Ann decided that she wanted to join me (and everybody else) with this challenge. This is the same outfit that she wore on Sunday so she's all caught up.

Here's where she got her outfit:

  • Shirt was from Target! She L-O-V-E-S this one!
  • Heavy blue denim skirt is from Family Thrift (we really appreciate that store ;D)
  • Ann doesn't have to put her hair up in anything (*sigh* Actually I like my hair, thank you very much ::)! She just got a new hair cut and really likes it.

    And we like the good 'shoes' that God gave us!! We love to go barefoot!! (yes Daddy does buy us shoes LOL)

    That's it for today, folks. I gotta go finish planting Daddy's pumpkins on Farmville (facebook).


Anonymous said...

Yes I really L-O-V-E that shirt! It is soooo comfy and very bright. My 2 guides to a good shirt(+ the neckline,cut and this could go on for a long time since the styles aren't that decent any more!)
And yes those shoes are the best and I think Daddy really appreciates them since they do not wear out!!

Eden said...

Great pictures, Moe! I love the picture of you and Devin. So natural! Blessings!

faithngracegirl said...

Thanks Eden! Blessings to you too.