Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feelin Feminine 3

OK here's day 3.
  • Denim button down skirt was bought from Goodwill
  • Pink shirt came from Target and
  • The white lacy vest came from Family Thrift
Today I wore my hair half up half down.

I had to wear my Sketchers a little because I had to go to the eye doctor. So here they are:

This necklace was made by my cousin. I've had it for ever so long!
Ann wore:
  • A navy skirt from Hannah Lise
  • A navy shirt from Target
  • No shoes for her today!


Eden said...

Moe, I love the denim skirt. It's not too dressy and it's great for doing everyday things. I love Ann's skirt too. It matches the navy top perfectly.

-Bess- said...

Cute! I love those shoes! From one mysterious headless girl to another, have a great day! =)
In Christian Love,

faithngracegirl said...

Thank you Bess and Eden! I love y'all's comments. LOL Bess! Mysterious and headless describes me pretty well (you always make me laugh :D)!


Anonymous said...

Hey Moe, I wore a kaki skirt from Hannah Lise and there for a while I was trying to figure out which new shoes I had gotten!! Oh how I love that skirt and shirt together!! Ya'll probably think I love everything I wear and its true!! If I don't like something it will sit in the closet until I get rid of it!