Friday, April 9, 2010

Feelin Feminine 6

OK here's day 6! I actually will have 3 outfits today: one for cleaning, one after cleaning, and one for when I go play soccer with our church group. I like to play soccer in pants because, for one thing, it's a lot easier to run in pants (at least for a long period of time ;), and I fall down in soccer quite a bit (don't get any bright ideas about seeing me tumble down the field LOL :D). And if you have any ways of keeping a skirt down when you fall, please let me know!! So here's what I wear on Fridays for cleaning:
  • A denim homemade skirt (made by me :)
  • And a striped shirt that I got at Walmart a couple years back
Don't visit me on Fridays because this is what I'll look like!! (JK ::)

And just to show you how messy of a cleaner I really am: bleach spots on my skirt. That Soft Scrub works really well though ;D ::)

This is what I changed into after cleaning:
  • A magenta pink shirt from Walmart
  • The sweater came from (can you guess?!!) Family Thrift
  • And my gray skirt was bought from Hannah Lise

And I did my hair up on one side with a clip.

Ann doesn't have to change on cleaning day. Unlike me, she keeps her clothes really nice (except when bleach comes around!). Poor girl! She gets all my spotted hand-me- downs! Here is what she wore today:
  • A striped shirt that was a hand-me-down from me (I got it at Academy)
  • And her navy Hannah Lise skirt


-Bess- said...

I love the pic of you & the vaccum! =) Your 2nd outfit is my favorite - love the colors! Tell Ann I love her look, too - sorta preppy casual.
In Christian Love,

Anonymous said...

Thank YOu Bess!! I like that shirt a lot too!
Hey Moe, that shirt came from family thrift to!!
And I get spots on my shirts all the time only they are in less conspicuous spots and I started wearing an apron most of the time when I bleach!!