Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feelin Feminine 4 & 5

OK so I obviously got a little behind! Sorry about that y'all. Here's day 4:
  • I wore the same denim skirt as day 3
  • BuT I did change my shirt. I decided that that a green shirt (that came from Family Thrift... can you tell that we like that store?) would be nice.
No particular hair style for day 3, though. First, I put a bobby pin in it to keep it out of the way, then, I put my hair up in a clip, then I took it down.... I was being pretty wishy washy in other words :D. Here's today:
  • Black skirt from Hannah Lise
  • Striped shirt (I know it kinda looks white in the pic) from Goodwill.

A ponytail was the hairdo for me today! Kelsey, I love ponytails! You have a ponytail partner, girl!
On day 3 Ann wore:
  • A polka dotted shirt (I think that one came from Family Thrift too;)
  • And the khaki Hannah Lise skirt

On day 4 Ann wore:
  • The same polka dotted shirt
  • The heavy denim skirt she wore on day 1 and 2
OK so I'm all caught up! Bye :)


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Glad to know there's someone out there who loves ponytails as much as I do! ;)
Nice outfits Moe!

Eldarwen said...

Cute outfits! ;D

Anonymous said...

Yes the shirt came from ''Family Thrift.'' I like it a lot. It is bright and comfortable.