Friday, April 15, 2011


Now, in case you didn't know, my family is a huuuuuuge fan of AIRSHOWS!! Every year, ever since I can remember, we have gone to an airshow. That's the #1 thing we do every year. It's kind of like drinking wassail at Christmas. And then after the airshow we go eat BBQ. Why? Because, meat+BBQ sauce= AWESOME!!

Is this heart cool or what?

This is a P-40. Or it could be a P-51, but I it isn't. Argh! I don't think the names should be so similar. My dad has all of the airplane names down. But then of course, he grew up on a military base because his dad was in the Navy. I think.

I have no worth the idea which planes these are. If you know be sure to tell me :D.

The parachuters are so cool! One of those parachuters is a 70 year old lady! That gal's gotta have some spunk. Period.

There was also a 'missing man formation' (Picture from google) which represents all of the brave Americans who have given their lives for our country in WWII, Afganistan, Korea, and Iraq.

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One other thing that I appreciated SO much was that before the airshow, a prayer was said for our soldiers and our country. I think this was the first time this had ever been done (at this particular airshow) and I hope that in the coming years it is repeated. There is nothing more that this country needs than prayer.


WobiSobi said...

I love this post.. Thank you Moe, for your sweet comment.. Hugs Anne

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing airshow this year!! Although a little hot :) And I was really appreciated them praying for all the people flying that day :D