Monday, June 28, 2010

I think I have funder on my head!!

My sister Grace had been working hard at playing outside. Upon looking at her sweaty hair in the mirror, she exclaimed, "I've got funder (thunder) on my head!!" HUH??? Don't ask me how a 4 yo thinks... only the good Lord knows.


-Bess- said...

Ha! Strange, but funny! Yes, those little kiddies! You really never do know!
Hope your summer day is beautiful - full of God's true promises.
P.S.: Thanks for your comments! They always make me glad! You're great! =)

Elisheva said...

Hey Faith and Grace Girl...

Would you like for me to put your blog name on the package for your name? or can I get your full name? It doesnt matter which one... just as long as it will get to your address without any problems..
I deleted the other comment from you, so not to worry..
I will get the doll out by Wednesday or Thursday..
I hope you like her and if you dont mind, can you leave a review of the doll in a comment on my blog? (after you get it through the mail)
Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Moe, we are so excited, we are going tonight :) I will let you know about it when we get back :D

Anonymous said...

That sounds exactly like Grace!!