Monday, May 3, 2010

Some more awards!

I love awards! The first one was given to me by Eden at Heirs of Promise. Here are the rules:

  • Post about the tag
  • Award five bloggers who deserve this award
  • Comment on their blog telling them they've been awarded
  • Answer the questions along with you post

And now for the questions!

Apples, oranges, or bananas?


How many siblings do you have?

Three brothers and six sisters (I love 'em all!!)

Do you live on a prairie, woodland, city, or other?

We live just outside of our city. We are not to too close to the city but just close enough!

Scissors or glue?


Is your room clean?


Italy, Greece, Spain, France, or England?

Italy. I'm a pasta girl!

What denomination are you?

Not really any... we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Gum, Chocolate, or Jelly Beans?

CHOCOLATE!! Then gum.

What is your favorite book?

The Dragon's Curse (:o) by Frank Peretti. OK that sounds really bad! It's sort of an allegory and the dragon represents sin.

Favorite ice cream flavor?


If you had to eat one type of food for two weeks, what would that be?

For my brothers sake... PIZZA! (just in case you don't get it, Stephen goes around saying pizza all the time. Sort of like an substitution for cool ;)

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

Figure skating. Except I don't watch it that much. The outfits those people wear are appalling!

Describe yourself in three words.

Friendly but Shy and Funny (without even trying to be ::)

And I'm running out of time :-/ so if you want to do this tag/award it's yours!

This tag was given to me by Bess :). Thank you Bess girl!! And now for the rules:
  • Award this to however many friends you want (they don't have have a blog or even be on blogger :)
  • Say at least two nice things about those friends you awarded
  • Link to your friends blogs if they have one

Hands down, L4J (she's my sister) I don't know what I'd do without you, girl! You make me laugh at myself and you give everyone around you a secure feeling. I love you!! This sweet award was given to me by Bess at Bess' Bag. Here's the instructions:

  • Tag at least five 'sweet friends' on Blogger
  • Answer the tag
  • You may tag the person who gave you this award
  • Don't forget to comment on this post (if you want to, of course;)

You are ______ in your family.

I am the third.

Do you have your own camera?

Yes, but it really isn't that good of a camera so when I do take pictures I usually use the family camera.

List three of you character qualities.

Creative, Kind (well... sometimes not so!), Bossy (*gawks* yepper! You didn't know that because you're not my brother or sister ;D)

What is you favorite thing to blog about?

Funny stories that have happened to me or one of my family members :).

How long have you had your blog?

Ummmm... I'm not sure :D

And to award five blogging friends (I'm going to award two;):

L4J at Living for Jesus

Kelsey at The Narrow Way

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Anonymous said...

I love the "Pure In Heart" award. Such a pretty flower!! And I love the tag that comes with it!! Although I would take oranges over apples and jellybeans over chocolate. But the rast is great!!