Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black berries *licks lips*

We didn't get to pick berries yesterday like I said, BuT we did get to pick them this evening. My family likes to go on walks in our neighborhood and if we take the 2 mile loop you will come to a pond. And along this pond is the dew berries. AND the dew berries this year are sooooo big and juicy and yummy and black and..... GREAT (we had lots of rain this year, you see ;)!! And besides getting all the wonderful berries, picking them is LOTS of fun too... OK actually the berries are on a steep bank and there is poison ivy in the bushes and there are little fuzzy caterpillars in the vines (actually, they aren't that bad. I only yell unless they touch me.) and the bushes have little prickles on them. Stephen went down the bank to get the berries down there and kinda slid in the pond (don't worry he can swim lol) so he came up with this goop (er mud actually) on him. And do you know what.... I don't care!!! I'm going to make pies and maybe jelly out of them and that makes all of the trouble worth it!! We have been picking those berries since we were 6-13 and we're still loving it. So I'm going to end this post with... I LOVE DEW BERRIES!!!!

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