Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More awards

Bess awarded me with these beautiful awards!

I award:
  • Johanna
  • Jane
I love both of you girls' blogs!

With this one you have to answer 10 questions made up by the person who tagged you, then make up 10 more questions for the next person.

Bess' questions:

1. Have you ever swam in the sea? No. But my family did go to Florida where we stopped at a beach. It wasn't very pleasant though. It was very windy so the sand was whipping around and stinging our legs. Yuck :P!
2. What’s your fav book of the Bible? All of the New Testament books.
3. Do you have a favorite baby name for a boy &/or girl? Tell us! I don't have any favorite names but I do have a boy name that I really just don't like... Bartholomew. I don't know why I just don't like it.
4. Where’s your favorite place? Can be specific or general… The Davis Mountains! That was a lot of fun... except for maybe the javelin part, but that is whole story in itself!
5. When & why did you become a Christian? I became a Christian when I was 9 yrs old. My reason? I knew that there was no other way to get to heaven except through Jesus Christ and I certainly didn't want to go to hell!
6. Name a fav movie. Well, I don't really have a specific favorite.
7. What’s something in your closet/wardrobe you love? I have this maroon/pink blouse that I really like to wear. The color looks great and the shirt is comfy.
8. Tell us something interesting, wacky, or unusual about yourself. When I was younger I played outside a lot. However, whenever I got bitten by an ant I wouldn't go outside for the rest of the day.
9. Which is your fav: Psalms or Proverbs? I don't know. All of them are so good!
10. Have you ever dreamed of being a princess? I have dreamed a lot of stuff but I will have to say that I have never dreamed of being a princess. I didn't give much thought princess'. I was too concentrated on my rabbit named Marsh mellow :) :D.
And here are my questions:
  1. Are you a dog lover?
  2. What is one of the nuttiest things that you've ever done?
  3. God is called many names in the Bible. Which is you favorite?
  4. Are you a chocoholic?
  5. If you could go sky-diving, would you?
  6. Do you live on property?
  7. What is your favorite sport?
  8. How many friends do you have?
  9. Have you ever played a joke on someone?
  10. Do you know what number does pi equal (approximately ;)?

That was fun! Thanks Bess.


Johanna said...

It wasn't linked, so I just wanted to ask; Am I the Johanna? Just wanted to make sure! If so, thankyou!

Johanna said...

Thank you for my awards, now, I have awarded you!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice award Moe!! I have the same answer for all the questions only I've never been to the beach, and my favorite name is Bartholomew James and Hannah Abigal, and I became saved when I was 10.


Renee' said...

Congrats on the Awards :)
I Just found your blog :), I am now a follower :) I Like it here :)