Monday, February 22, 2010

A tour of our house

It's about time that I post what our house looks like. My grandfather and his brother (my great uncle) made it. And while it isn't the ritziest house in town we LOve it. The only thing that would make us leave this house is if God told us too. This house isn't perfect but that's why we love it! The my brother, uncle, and grandpa have had lots of fun and good fellowship time building this house.

This is the storage that my great uncle built. Again, rustic style!

This is the place that my brother and my dad cleared of juniper trees. They cleared this spot so that we could build a chicken coop. I hope we get that done someday! Oh that fence there is a compost pile. The dogs like to eat out of that. Yuck!

Here is the back of our house. The big blue barrel is another composer that my brother made (he loves to make something out of nothing)

These are the solar panels that Daddy put up on the roof. We have lots of big batteries to.... ummm.... I'm not sure!

Here are my brothers gardens. He made them the fence and everything on his own. Like I said he makes something out of what looks like just regular old garbage!

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Eldarwen said...

Cool! Your house is beautiful! =D