Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little little kid humor and my day

Today I got my bottom braces on. Let me tell you they HuRT! Anyway, I got my appointment wrong by 30 minutes (Uh oh :( ) so the orthodontist's staff graciously scheduled us an hour later. We had a little shopping to do so we went over to the HEB a little down the road. I don't know about you're little brothers and sisters but mine love balloons. And when they saw the free ones in HEB they wanted one. Being really windy I tied the strings around their wrists so that they wouldn't fly away. Little 3 yo sister took hers off....and.... it floated away :(. As she stood there looking up she said, "Well, ______ (16 yo brother) could get it for me (he's 6' and her best buddy)!! Then, when that idea was eliminated she says, "Grandpa could come with his ladder." My grandpa likes his ladder BTW. LOL she was soooo pitifully cute! Then, we went back to the orthodontist and got my braces on. After we got home I did some schoolwork and Edith and I went for a walk with all four of our dogs. THeN, something funny happened! Dusty is very afraid of other dogs that he doesn't know about. So this dog comes running out after him and Dusty got so scared that he ran high speed all the way home! LOL he's a chicken doggie!

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I awarded you fngg. :D