Sunday, October 16, 2011


I was at summer camp standing around with my friends waiting to go into the concert room... we were all excited! Tonight, we were going to hear John Gray speak!

I looked around and noticed a girl leaning against the door frame. Her left leg was wrapped up and she was carrying around crutches.

"Sweetheart... go introduce yourself to that girl and pray for her leg." I heard the voice of the Lord speak oh so clearly.

Doubts and "what ifs...?" began to cloud my mind instantly. I had no idea who this girl was! What if I embarrassed myself? "What if... ? I don't think... I can't. No."

I gave the idea one more thought, pushed away my guilty conscience, and proceeded to walk through the doors leading to the concert room. I didn't give what I'd done another thought as I sat down. I had lost a chance to show my faith in my God.

It was the last day of camp. Testimonies were being given about what God had done that week. A girl went up on stage. I instantly recognized her as the girl God had told me to pray for. Two things were different... she no longer had crutches and the wrap that had been on her leg was gone.

"Hi" she began. "I've had this condition in my left leg that didn't allow me to walk correctly for a long time. I had to use crutches to get around. Well, a few days ago one of the camp leaders came up to me and asked if he could pray for my leg. He did and I immediately knew that if my leg was going to be healed I would have to show faith in God that He would heal it. I stood up. I could walk! I could jump! My leg is normal now!!" The joy in her face was incredible. God had touched her and it was obvious.

It wasn't until a few months later that the impact of what really happened hit me. Now, my only thought is, "Oh my goodness! Moe, you are the biggest doofus on the face of this earth! What do you think? Are you smarter than God? God knows you better than you know yourself! God knew that you could handle what He asked but, no. Of course not! You said "NO"! All because you couldn't push your pride out of the way and do th
e simple thing that God asked of you."

So, what am I doing now? *Sigh* Repenting (that's a lot of fun, huh?) and praying to God that He'll give me another chance.


Cara Coffey said...

Aww Margaret, it's okay.

Thank you for sharing.

Wow, though, that is a lovely testimony.


Moe said...

Thanks Mom :)... it was an awesome lesson!