Tuesday, October 11, 2011


... ME and MY FAMILY!

I know that none of my followers have ever seen me or my family's faces. Because of Internet safety and all that good stuff, Dad didn't want me posting faces of us... but, that changed. A few days ago, he finally said that I could show y'all what we all look like. Hurrah!

Ok, now on to 'da photos...

First and foremost... Mom and Dad! These are the most wonderful and awe-inspiring people in my world. They are amazing. I'm dead serious... they have raised and are raising us kids in the way of the Lord. They continually care for us, laugh with us, and help us in the "growing up stages" of life. These are the kind of parents that you can talk about pretty much anything with... they don't mind if you speak your opinion (as long as it is spoken respectfully ;) and will talk through things with you until a situation is resolved. Not to mention the fact that they have been married for 23 years (I think), and have stayed together through thick and thin.

Mom and Dad, you are amazing... I love you so much!

*Gasp*! I know. You're thinking, "Gee whiz! This lady is gorgeous, beautiful, etc. etc. etc." Yea, that gorgeous gal with the green eyes just happens to be my oldest sister, L4J. She is very talented, can groom any dog to perfection (perfection in my eyes at least), crochet, knit, sew, and all that good stuff. Honestly, I do more crafting and whatnot than she does, but whenever L4J does decide to craft her results come out way better than mine. Oh, and did I mention that people think that I am her twin? Yup! That's great and upsetting at the same time, if you know what I mean.
And, here is my crazy brother, Patrick. Yup! that's the guy that plays the piano like an angel, produced a CD (which is published with Tate Music Group) by the time he was 17, AND currently works as a web developer. Am I proud of him? Heck, YEA! He's a nutty, friendly and outgoing sort of guy. Patrick loves to hang out with people and is always making us laugh dreadfully hard. Seriously... one day, he's going to make one of us laugh so hard our lung will get coughed up, or something.

Mhm... that me. The best blond brunette you'll ever find. My brother says that I should be a comedian... not because I can crack a witty joke. Oh no, I'm not that witty... It's because I say crazy random things at crazy random moments. It's ok. I'm learning to live with myself (and I say that jokingly :D).

Oh me, oh my! This pretty gal is Anne (who has a blog, and calls herself PolkaDot)... down-to-earth with a bit of sass mixed in would describe her wonderful, crazy personality. Honestly, she and I are, in a lot of ways, opposites. Which of course makes us best friends forever!

This is our green eyed, rosy cheeked, dark haired beauty named Mary. She is a quiet sort of person with a glorious smile that brightens a room instantly. Mary loves to make things and is interested in becoming a chef. Yes, I GREATLY encourage her in that interest. Who doesn't want an awesome cook in the house?

Ah, the brain of the family! This is Alva... he is very academic. I mean, this kid is quite a few years younger than me and he says things like, "Did you know ______ ?" and I'm just going, "Um... yeeeaaaah. Of course I knew that *racking my brain for information that just isn't there*!"

Oh yeah! This is Abigail (The one on the left)... our toad grabbing, lizard catching, dirt loving, caring little tom-boy. One time, she saw a squirrel get killed... did she even think of being grossed out? Noooo, that's not how Abby is. She grabbed that bloody squirrel up in her hands and ran to Mom.
"Mom! I think it's dead. Can you fix him?" Poor gal. She was really concerned about that poor squirrel!
Thankfully, Dad was in the room when Abby ran in. Otherwise Mom (who's a through and through city girl) would've gone ballistic grabbing Dawn soap and any other disinfectant she had available to wash Abby's hands.

Awwwww!! This is Joy. She is our adorable, princess, city girl who loves lace, jewelry, earrings, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara and anything girly. Mom has to hold her back and make sure she doesn't get really, really"big girl" things until she is a "big girl"!

This is Grace and I. Grace is cool... she really is. She is a sweet little spitfire that is a wonderful mix of girly and tom-boy. Her imagination is nothing like I've ever seen. When she was 3 or 4 she had an imaginary farm... the horses were pink and the sheep were green with panties on. Wouldn't you love to see a farm like that?!

This chubby-cheeked little boy is Robert. He is the last of Mommy and Daddy's 10 kids... and is very obviously THE baby. Robert says the most adorable things, that makes me want to laugh all day. Do you want to hear one of those adorable things? Oh yea... I knew you would.
Me: "Robert, where did you come from? (I was expecting to hear, "From Mommy's tummy" or something like that)"
Robert: "Um, Jesus." Out of the mouth of babes, y'all...
Oh, and did I mention that when you get him to give you a hug they are the squishy-est (this is a word in my dictionary) most cuddly hugs on the face of the earth? Well, he does gives that kind of a hug... but I have dibs on them first, ok? He's my bro.
We are like every other family out there:

We get mad at each other.
We sometimes yell at each other.
We say things we shouldn't.
We apologize over and over again.
We have devotion together.
We hide cookies, bags of chips, and cans of soda from each other.
We watch Tim Hawkins together.
We laugh up a storm.
We fight over who gets to read "that amazing new book from Amazon" first.
We go to church together.
We do "karate" at each other.
We go camping together.
We annoy each other until the person getting annoyed wants to punch somebody.
We love each other.

Because that's what families do. We are a family and we are thankful for it.


PolkaDot said...

This is the most AMAZING post EVER!!!!

childofGod said...

Well, almost no one following your blog has seen you or your family. :)
But it's nice to meet your family. LOL...

Moe said...

Why, thank you sista ;)! And yea... it is pretty awesome. I keep giving myself a pat on the back for it (ok that sounded really awful... but true :D).

Well, it is nice to meet you too, coG! ;)...


Cara Coffey said...

Wowzers! Thanks Girl!

Love this, and love you too!


Moe said...

Thanks Mom :)...


Shea said...

You have a beautiful family Moe! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Moooooooooooe hey , have not talk to you in awhile, How are you doing?

childofGod said...

One more thing....
The thing you said about you being the best blond brunette you'll ever find.....
Well, just to make you feel better, I'll tell you what my sis says all the time....
She thinks that she's really blond, but every night we die her hair.... So that she won't know, LOL......


Anonymous said...

Jacobs eye we will always have to watch it..
Jeff has to go back in Thursday to set app to go in and have a tube put down into his stomach to see why some mornings he gets sick :(

Moe said...

@ Shea: Thanks, girl and no problem :)! I enjoyed the visit...

@ coG: Lol! Yes, your sis. has told me that story ;). And truly, I am very glad for the way I am... my 'blondness' is a joke in our family. And, so that I'm not left out of the fun, I joke and laugh at myself along with them :).

@ Renee: I am glad that Jacob is doing better... hopefully, (besides having watch his eyesight) he won't have any more lasting affect from the accident.
*shivers* A tube down the stomach? Oh, that does not sound pleasant! I will be praying for you on Thursday. May God help the Dr. find the solution, right?!

Thanks for commenting everyone!

WobiSobi said...

Hey Moe, thank you so much for you sweet comment. your family looks wonderful..

Anonymous said...

WOW!! LOVE YOUR FAMILY ALREADY!!! you have such adorable siblings!! Don't worry! i have an older sister just like L4J, and.... I can honestly say, you sound like me. ;) sorry! Yeah! all the things about your family?? happens here too. We are 7 and we love each other to death! Great job!