Monday, March 7, 2011

Uncovered No More

Well, I have another surprise for y'all... my mom wrote a book entitled Uncovered Not More (thus the title of this post) and it is being published by Tate Publishing! HERE is her website if you want to check it out...

Many events have taken place before Uncovered No More could even be written... it's not so simple as how my brother's CD came about. For that reason, I can't really give a 'background' of this book. My sister did, however, write a small testimony concerning what occurred in our family in 2008. HERE is my sister's blog, and HERE is the testimony she wrote. Now, if you read her testimony or Uncovered No More you will probably be wierded out. I understand where you are coming from (imagine what I was thinking when everything was happening)! However, as God is my witness, everything that my family testifies too is true. Also, I know that some of y'all will not agree with our views on some things... that's ok! I don't expect anyone to see eye to eye with me. Everyone have an awesome evening, ok?!

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Renee said...

Hi Moe how have you been :)
Hope your having a fantastic weekend :)