Saturday, March 5, 2011

Come Back

Needless to say, I have been gone for a long time. But, I am going to start posting again, Lord willing. However, today I have some exciting news for you!!

Patrick Coffey is my oldest brother. He has played the piano since he was 5 years old, began writing songs when he was 8, and started playing guitar when he was 11 or 12. As he got older, his piano and guitar skills improved and he began to use the talent that God gave him. God provided Patrick with a good, affordable Yamaha keyboard and he began to mix different instruments, thus creating full fledged songs. God kept providing the right tools to help Patrick create high quality music tracts. One of those things was a Mac computer. Stop. Gotta tell a story here. Before Patrick got the Mac he had been using our clunky Windows computer upstairs (don't ask what the version was, cause I can't tell you!) where he had set up a studio in the living room (because we're redneck like that lol.). Thanks to me, I blew the sound card for him. Totally ruined the sound card, and because of that, he couldn't record anymore music tracts. Patrick was really nice about it, but he was momentarily put down.... until we went to the thrift store a few days later. There, Patrick found a mac computer for 20$. Yup! Pretty amazing, huh? Ok, to be totally honest, it actually ended up costing 200$ because of needed parts etc. Still a good price though. Anyway, after that Mac broke down God provided another Mac :) along with numerous other equipment. Around this time, Patrick began listening to Casting Crowns (just to clear this up, we really, really like that band :) and heard their song "It's a Slow Fade". Patrick went around belting that song out at the top of his lungs for the loooongest time. He got to where he knew all the voice techniques used in the song and could sing them with perfection. Now, he's got a good singing voice (Thanks to Casting Crowns and other Christian singers). He kept on perfecting his songs and now, with the help of Tate Music Group, he published his first album entitled Come Back. Here is his WEBSITE, his BLOG, and FORUM... if you want to buy one of his CDs they are available wherever music is sold.

Now, I know that since I am his sister my opinion is biased ;). But, you can listen to snippets of his songs on his website to check it out a little. Have an awesome evening y'all!!

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Cara Coffey said...

Oh goody. She's back. (:

Love this story, and you tell it very well Margaret! Thank you.