Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bunny Craze

I guess we can officially be labeled a bunny crazy family (let's face it. We've had at least 9 bunnies in the past). You know what? I don't really care. Bunnies are AWESOME!! Speaking of which, my sister, Anne, just got one. An adorably soft, pudgy, Holland Lop with ears that flop over. Oh, that's why they call 'em Holland Lops. Their ears are lopsided :D! I guess he doesn't have enough muscle to pull those whopper ears up.

Thing is, we have a problem. We are at a loss for names for this little guy (yes, he is a boy). *Gasp* I know... that's why I'm asking y'all to comment and give me some suggestions! Actually, I did suggest Chubbers. I have no idea why Anne didn't go for that. I SO would have named him Chubbers.
Just make sure your names (which I'm sure will be great :) are adorable enough for this cutie pie.

I am now a fan of Holland Lop bunnies. Period.


Anonymous said...

My vote is totally for Chubbers! Eek! So cute! Let me think about it more, might come up with one!

Rachel said...

well, you could be creative and name him.. Skipper! or Sam.. He kind of looks like a Sam..

WobiSobi said...

that bunny is so cute!
thank you for your input on my t-vest!!
throwing some names at you!LOL

Lolly POP
Mr. Bigglesworth
Have a great Day
Hugs, Anne

Missouri's Lilac said...

I am glad you received the giveaway items. I hope you enjoy the extras I stuck in there. :)

WobiSobi said...

Moe so funny!! thank you for always leaving such sweet comments. hugs,Anne

Anonymous said...

Well it turned out to be a she!! So her name was Mudge but is now Belle because of the movie Beauty and the Beast. :) And she is now so much bigger!